Hydrill Preassure Control

Hydril Preassure Control products were introduced in the 1930s when we developed the first hydaulically operated Blowout Preventers and the annular BOPs. Hydril has made substantial investments in research and development every since, targeting high-pressure and critical applications.

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Heatrics - Heat Exchangers

Heatric, a leading supplier of compact heat exchangers since 1985, is part of Meggitt, the international aerospace, defence and electronics group. Serving a wide range of markets in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, Heatric produces high-integrity heat transfer solutions for specialist applications that require a bespoke and flexible design approach.

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Aban - Offshore Ltd

We are India's largest offshore drilling contractor in the private sector, offering world-class drilling and oil field services for offshore exploration and production of hydrocarbons to the oil industry in India and abroad. Our innovative and cost effective solutions make us one of the most efficient international drilling contractors. Thanks to a highly qualified professional team backed by years of experience and expertise, we continue to foray into newer waters.

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John Crane Production Solutions

John Crane Production Solutions is dedicated to offering customers world-class products and service to help increase productivity and efficiency. Our objective is to increase production while utilizing less energy. Our legacy continues to encompass three principles: superior knowledge to get you the best solution, excellent service to ensure the optimum production, and providing quality products for your downhole needs. Such as steel/fiberglass sucker rod, and accessories tubing/rod pump, low volume production system, automated prime mover and also specialty pumps

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The Beam Gas Compressor

By utilizing the energy derived from the Pumping Unit to operate the BGC to compress casig head gas you can save on the energy cost of compression. The BGC joins with the reliable pumping unit as its prime mover. By utilizing the reliable Pumping Unit as the BGC's prime mover operators enjoy a steady increase in production with a reliable compression system that is considered THE GREEN MACHINE by the industry. COmbining a BGC gas compressor to the Beam Pump system can increase the performance of the pumping system and solve many of the problems associated with rod pumping systems.

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